"After trying different treatments and getting no results, I decided to visit Dr Farias. I was completely astonished by the simplicity and, at the same time, the depth he showed to explain Focal Dystonia.

Dr. Farias led me to my full recovery from hand Focal Dystonia.

I continue using his principles in my daily practice. I recommend Dr Farias’ work even to those people who do not suffer dystonia, because he knows how we learn and how to get the best from each practice session, taking into account our brain’s skills without doing harm and with preventing injuries.

All my thanks and admiration are for Dr Farias, who made what seemed to be impossible, true."

Gustavo Mulé

Violin. National Symphony Orchestra. Argentina

"I came across Joaquin Farias’s work because he was recommended to me by someone whom he had cured of a focal dystonia, a condition which I understand arisises because the brain is neuroplastic, are “wires in” certain dysfunctional patterns. To this end I met with him on multiple occasions to follow his work with clients. This meant sitting in on multiple sessions with him, to watch him work with clients, who developed dystonias, and to discuss his work, its mechanism of action, and the scientific and intellectual edifice behind his interventions.

I think that Dr. Farias is a kind of clinical genius in his work with the dystonias.

He not only has a grasp of concepts, but is powerfully intuitive, and has put together a very original approach which takes into account neuroplasticity, but also his understanding of music, Eastern meditative and martial arts practices (which have an important contribution to make to our understanding of neuroplasticity, how the mind influences the body,  and how the body is organized for movement), and, as well, the psychological components involved in dystonias. In his work, I see a powerfully integrative mind, open to many influences.  He is interested not only in science, but a person who, having integrated various scientific discoveries, works with artistry with his clients—the clinical artistry of a natural—to use an old-fashioned word—healer.

Farias’s clinical interventions are not minor; they are serious innovations,  not simply small adjustments to existing techniques. Because they are wholly original, and effective, I believe, as time evolves, it will be clear that his work is of historical importance."

Norman Doidge M.D. 

Author of The brain that changes itself and The brain's ways of healing

"It’s impossible to write how incredible Dr. Farias’ results were on my 15 year old son, Zak.

Not only am I plugged tightly into dystonia research and various treatment options, we’ve tried most of them.

I’m also knowledgeable about the latest info about neuroplasticity but never imagined how quickly and completely it would help Zak.

In 5 minutes, we saw him move in ways he hadn’t since he was diagnosed with focal dystonia 8 years ago. After a few short, painless sessions, Zak was able to do a variety of things that he wasn’t previously able to do from writing, to shaking someone’s hand to brushing his own hair. It was nothing short of miraculous.

Dr. Farias’ method is very special and I’ve interviewed several neurologists who all agreed that the concept had great potential. If there was any downside to seeing Dr. Farias, it was that it made me realize how socially blinded most doctors are in their training and practices - and how much we could have avoided all the painful, side-effect ridden chemical treatments Zak has suffered with over the past few years.

As a mother, NY skeptic and amateur student of dystonia, I swear having Zak see Dr. Farias was one the greatest things I ever did."

Alyssa Dver
American Confidence Institute

"My experience with Dr. Farias was out of this world and I can not express my appreciation and gratitude adequately with words. His kindness, patience, compassion, attention to details are extraordinary and quite impressive. I humorously called him a magician as he was able to correct my cervical dystonia posture every day in less than an hour."

Dr. Ehsan Shahmir M.D.

"As a Medical Doctor working in the field of rehabilitation I had been trying to resolve my Golf Swing Yips, without much success.

After only 4 days of training with Dr. Farias I have no Yips anymore, and my swing is better than ever!.

In my opinion Dr. Farias Neuroplastic Training has opened up a world of possibilities for the future of rehabilitation.

I am very happy with the results of my sessions. I do my exercises everyday and continue to improve.

I am enjoying playing golf again.

The way Dr. Farias helped me to solve my Golf Swing Yips in just 4 days was spectacular ! "

Ignacio Loyola Echaniz, M.D.
Donostia Hospital, San sebastian, Spain

" After going through a series of treatments with movement disorder neurologists, hand doctors, and other specialists, I still weren't able to find an efficient way to treat hand Focal Dystonia. 

I had frustrations and concerns on many levels. The biggest concern though, was the one caused by my lack of understanding of how Dystonia actually worked. 

Through Dr. Farias workshop in Toronto, I was finally able to comprehend details on how Focal Dystonia functions in the brain and why it is triggered. His Method of Neuroplastic training is revolutionary and positively changed my outlook on Dystonia. Most importantly, however, was how practical and down-to-earth his technique was. During our Workshop training sessions, I was astounded to experience first hand, Dr. Farias' one-on-one approach with the patients and how immediately a major recovery and positive outcome would happen.  

Dr. Farias excellent method not only made a deep impact on my understanding on hand Dystonia but also on my journey of self-discovery and betterment of the quality of my professional and personal life. "

Leonardo Matsuda

Film Director

"Having focal dystonia in my foot/ankle for 27 years, I was amazed to learn to walk with my sole planted firmly on the ground (no twisting and no tremors) in just 4 sessions. "

Wendy Paul


"The gift of knowledge is beyond words. The gift of knowledge that is unknown to all but one, can be as precious as life itself. As a sufferer of spasmodic dysphonia, knowledge that Dr Joaquin Farias shared with me was key to literally returning life that was once stolen from me. With all my heart, thank you for helping me to speak again, Dr Farias."

Tyler Carson

"When I was diagnosed with Blepharospasm in late January 2012, It became quite clear that Botox was not the treatment for me.

In April a women  posted about a Doctor Farias  on the BEB bulletin board, who has help many people with dystonia and was about to begin research on Blepharospasm.  I found Dr. Farias's web site, I  read his two books, 'Intertwined' and 'Rebellion of the Body'.  I was convinced that Dr. Farias could help me.

I sent a e-mail asking for a appointment . By June 13, I had my first session with Dr. Farias.

Dr. Farias has the unique ability to see into ones soul, where dystonia begins. Dr. Farias explained that rehabilitation is a process of gently peeling back layers to find your cause, only then can stabilization begin.

This past year has had it's ups and downs but I always knew that Dr. Farias was just a e-mail away. Always responding with a brilliancy of being able to diagnose and give me sound advise on why I was fluctuating and then educating and enlightening  me on how to move forward again.

With the type of dystonia I have, there will be many fluctuations. I know that now, because I was so gently taught this and that stabilization will become the norm. I know , with Dr. Farias's genius approach  to Dystonia that this goal is attainable.

I am, and will forever be grateful to Dr. Farias, who with his calming and patient guidance has helped me find my way to recovery."


"Living with writer’s cramp (task specific focal dystonia) was a frightening ordeal, as it was threatening the end of my nursing career and affecting many other aspects of life I enjoyed.

I was surprised at how neurologists were unable to unlock this mysterious disorder, with no relief from seeing a range of alternative therapists and other allied health professionals either.

Botox was not a suitable option, after hearing of its side effects, which would have ended my nursing in itself. I felt like I was running a 2 year marathon with no water, until I decided  to travel  and meet Dr Farias for treatment.

This experience was truly the “drink station” I had longed for. I was captivated by his simple explanations and analogies, with a model for rehabilitating so unique and effective; I was writing a few words neatly by the second day.

With the help of his incredible patience and gentle coaching, I was shocked by my continued progress over the 4 days.

Dr Farias has given me all the tools I need to complete this enduring challenge, along with some fine tuning to lifestyle and continued practice of his methods. His passion and success in helping people with this problem is no mirage; he is the “real deal”. I have no words adequate enough to express my deep gratitude to him."

Maria Moore


Melbourne, Australia

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