Dr. Joaquin Farias is a leading specialist treating dystonia with movement therapy. 

He has a doctorate in biomechanics, as well as master’s degrees in neuropsychological rehabilitation, psychosociology and ergonomics. 

Dr. Farias’ combination credentials enable him to effectively treat dystonia as well as using his personal unique experiences as a musician, martial arts instructor, shiatsu and Medical Qigong therapist, world traveler, and movement researcher. 

He believes that rehabilitation experiences are not reproducible because each person is unique and different and that life doesn't repeat itself.

He believes in the humanization of science and in the integration of all disciplines because the patient lives in a world that cannot be divided.

He believes that patients are not just subjects, but are people, and when a life is reduced to a clinical history, many times the most important facets of the person are overlooked.

His personal mission is to enable every patient to be offered the least aggressive and most effective treatment available.

Since 1996 Dr. Farias has helped more than 900 people to have their lives and livehoods back after being affected by different movement disorders characterized by dystonia, tremors and other problems with coordination. 

Dr. Farias has served as a coach to Deutsche Grammophon, Sony Classical, Philips and Emi artists, many who have won innumerable awards including Grammys, helping them to recover from focal dystonia and other practice-related disorders.

He is the director of the Neuroplastic Training Institute Toronto and adjunct professor at the University of Toronto where he teaches health in music performance and researches at the Music and Health Research Collaboratory. 

He has been a guest professor at Tokyo University, Berklee College of Music in Boston, State University of New York (SUNY), Norwegian Academy of Music, Toronto Western Hospital, Helsinki Conservatorium, and the Barenboim-Said Foundation. 

Dr. Farias has also served as an ergonomics advisor to the Finish Opera House, Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra, Federation Internationale des Musiciens, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Orquesta Nacional de España, Finish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Spanish National Youth Orchestra. 

With a background in music from Granada, Madrid, Utrecht and Oxford, Dr.Farias completed his graduate studies in Piano, Flute, Chamber music, Music theory and Voice.

Joaquin Farias is specialist in relaxation techniques trained in Spain, the United Kingdom and Japan with 20 years of experience as martial arts instructor (Black belt in Japanese traditional martial arts (Bugei), Yoga instructor, Medical qigong practitioner and Shiatsu therapist.