Dr. Farias Neuroplastic Movement Therapy aims to bring the brain and body in tune through simple and gentle movements.

The intervention included a motion analysis as a baseline. Regarding the deficits and natural movements of the person's bodies, specific exercises utilizing movementswere created for individual patients. Those exercises induced neuroplastic change that allowed gradual motor control recovery.

Initial results obtained through the use of this technique in children has proven very hopeful.

"It’s impossible to write how incredible Dr. Farias’ results were on my 15 year old son, Zak.

Not only am I plugged tightly into dystonia research and various treatment options, we’ve tried most of them.

I’m also knowledgeable about the latest info about neuroplasticity but never imagined how quickly and completely it would help Zak.

In 5 minutes, we saw him move in ways he hadn’t since he was diagnosed with focal dystonia 8 years ago. After a few short, painless sessions, Zak was able to do a variety of things that he wasn’t previously able to do from writing, to shaking someone’s hand to brushing his own hair. It was nothing short of miraculous.

Dr. Farias’ method is very special and I’ve interviewed several neurologists who all agreed that the concept had great potential. If there was any downside to seeing Dr. Farias, it was that it made me realize how socially blinded most doctors are in their training and practices - and how much we could have avoided all the painful, side-effect ridden chemical treatments Zak has suffered with over the past few years.

As a mother, NY skeptic and amateur student of dystonia, I swear having Zak see Dr. Farias was one the greatest things I ever did."

Alyssa Dver
American Confidence Institute