Wendy Paul (past president of Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Toronto Chapter) was unable to place her foot flat on the ground due to her dystonia. Her progress from July 2012 to July 2013 was due to her work with Dr Joaquin Farias (Neuroplastic Training), Grant Danuk (personal trainer) and Fred Fu (Medical Xigong).

"I was diagnosed with Dystonia about 5½ years ago, a few months after hip replacement surgery. Prior to my surgery, I led a very active lifestyle. I did not regain a normal walking gait following my surgery, notwithstanding lots of physical therapy. I was eventually referred to a neurologist who diagnosed my problem as Dystonia. Through my neurologist, I tried Botox and drugs and neither worked and my walking became very impaired. After years of frustration, I began working with people focused on the brain and its impact on movement, and was eventually referred to Dr. Farias. After reading Dr. Farias’ book, Limitless, I attended Dr. Farias’ workshop on foot/leg/ankle Dystonia in Toronto in early December, 2018.

I found Dr. Farias’ workshop very informative and helpful. I was extremely impressed by Dr. Farias’ and his presentation. At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Farias stated that the goals of the workshop were to get a clear idea of what is wrong and get a clear idea of what I can do to recover function. I believe those goals were soundly achieved. The time during the workshop flew by. I learned much about Dystonia and my specific condition. I feel I now have the tools to regain my mobility. I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Farias and to have attended his workshop."

Steve Leyton


John Tantzen U.S.A